Surveys - it seems like everyone is doing one at the moment. Every website you visit has one, there are people lying in wait on street corners ready to ask you questions, you're not even safe at home. But of course the reason so many people do them is that surveys can provide really valuable information - if they are designed correctly. There are lots of tricks to making surveys work and of course, lots of mistakes you can make. The most important thing to remember is that people don't really enjoy doing surveys - unless they have a complaint to make - so keep them short and to the point. If they're too long you will lose a lot of people along the way. If possible make them fun, or at least make it clear what the survey results will be used for so the person filling it in realises their time is not being wasted. If you can offer an incentive that will help!

Who is walking to work or the shops in your town? Who isn't and why aren't they? Which path should we put a counter on? How can I demonstrate that my project is a success?

We've done a lot of surveys and over the years have probably made a few mistakes but we've learnt from them and we're pretty good at it now. 

We design and run web based surveys and face-to-face surveys to help us and our partners understand who is walking, who isn't walking and why and what can be done to encourage more people to walk. We use a 'light' version of the internationally recognised Making Walking Count methodology developed by Walk21. We have used this methodology in several places to understand the local barriers to walking and to help us offer practical advice on what can be done to overcome them, often tailored to meet needs at a very local level. Examples include Wokingham where the findings were used to support a sustainable travel funding bid and Greenwich, where the findings were incorporated into a Walking Action Plan. 

We also run web based surveys to understand how people are using websites and to provide feedback to funders or supporters. 

We have arranged surveys to determine the best locations for pedestrian counters and to add value to the data collected by counters. 

We can design and build surveys, carry them out and analyse and report on the findings but we're not a market research company - we only use surveys as a tool to help us - and you - do what you do better.  It's not our core business but we still seem to do a lot of them!

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