So, you need to know how many people are using your path or site. Don't despair - there are lots of systems out there to help you count people, cyclists and horse riders. There are even systems that can distinguish between different types of vehicles. They range from the cheap and cheerful to the ultra-sophisticated. Working out which is best for you, especially if you have never used any of them before can be daunting but there are some basic factors to consider - what do you want to count and why? Can you get power to your site? Do you want data to be accessible in real time? Do you have someone who can collect data? Do you have systems for analysis and storage of the data? And of course, how much have you got to spend?

"With counters, it's all about reliability, accuracy and location and of course data handling. It's easy really."

We have been counting people for years, everywhere from the most remote mountains to the busiest parts of London. We can help you work out the basic parameters, we can advise on the systems that best suit your needs and we can help you plan where to put the counters.

We don't sell counters ourselves so we'll give you completely impartial advice on which counters to use. We can act as project managers and do all the negotiation with suppliers or we can leave that to you. What we're keen to make sure is that you end up with data that is useful - it isn't cheap to collect user data and we hate the thought of it never being used.

We've carried out research into the best pedestrian counting systems for use on English National Trails, we've looked into using counters to help establish the impact of windfarm development on a Scottish mountain, we've advised the National Trust for Scotland on measuring use of their countryside sites and we have been counting users of London's top walking routes for years. If you are considering counters, give us a call!

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