Accessibility audits, condition surveys, route audits - sometime you really do need to understand what you've got and what needs to be done to improve it. There are some off-the-peg systems out there but often these collect either too much or too little data. The best approach is usually to work out exactly what you need to know and collect only that.

"I want to make sure that everyone can visit this nature reserve but I don't know what needs changing or how much it'll cost."

Of course you might not know what you need to know, particularly if you are looking for an accessibility audit, but that's okay because we know. We can help you improve the accessibility of your site by looking at how people find out about you and how they know what to expect when they arrive. We consider how easy the site is to find and whether it's accessible by public transport, what factors limit movement around the site and what can be done to improve this, how good are the services on site and if there are aren't any, where are the nearest.

We've done this kind of work across a range of locations including all of the National Nature Reserves in Scotland and Wales, The New Forest National Park and the paths around Darwin's House.

There are other kinds of audit too. For route management a condition survey or route audit is essential to identify what needs to be done and to record progress to date and what is left to do. Without it how can you estimate how much it'll cost to manage your route? We've designed condition surveys for National Trails and we use a tailored version of a standard system (CAMS, produced by Exegesis) for our work in London. We've also designed and carried out signage audits for local authorities and for the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Of course it isn't always necessary to do something this detailed - we also use a very quick audit methodology for the routes we use on our walking maps. The audit checks the route provides an enjoyable experience, isn't obstructed or has any barriers which could prevent normal users from enjoying it. The purpose of this audit is to ensure that we only promote routes which the majority of people can use safely and that no-one using one of our routes will be put-off from trying another one.

Tailor-made is the key - audits can take a long time if you collect a lot of data so it pays to be sure of what you need before you start and to only collect that. Don't miss anything because going back is very time-consuming!

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